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Replacement Filter for your BOFA Fume Extractor.  Filter - AD 500/1000/1500 AF/iQ - Pre (Heavy duty Deep Pleat


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$660.38every year until canceled
  • Product Name Filter - AD 500/1000/1500 AF/iQ - Pre (Heavy duty Deep Pleat
    SKU Number A1030222
    Price $486.00
    Type Pre-Filter
    Dimension 400Hx550Wx604D
    Filter Media Pleated Glass Fibre
    Filter Media Material 2
    Fabrication Zinc plated Steel case, sealed with polyurethane sealant
    Connection Rubber Gasket at rear of filter
    Efficiency 50% for particle sizes doen to 2.5�m
    Weight (Kgs) N/A
  • Did you know that BOFA Filters are supposed to be replaced every 12 Months? Consistent use of these machines will age the filter technology and if left un-changed, can leave harmful chemicals unfiltered. Keep your co-workers and students safe by joining the H2I Group Filter Subscription program. This will deliver a fresh filter to your door once a year and keep your Fume Extractor operating efficiently.

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