The Right Fume Extraction Solution For Every Application

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Fumex, one of the worlds leading industrial fume extraction and air purification systems manufacturer, has been based in the United States in Kennesaw, Georgia since pioneering this technology in 1986.  We currently have an estimated 22,000 Fume Extraction Systems operating in roughly 120 countries globally treating VOCs and particulates created in many industrial processes involving the following technologies:

Lasers, Ink Printers, 3D Printers, welding, soldiering, induction heating and engraving
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Modern manufacturing processes often require the use of materials that disseminate noxious or toxic gas fumes, vapors and odors into the workplace that if not managed properly and safely could result in harmful exposure to humans, injuries, OSHA fines and litigation


Our focus is to provide equipment that captures these pollutants at the source, ensuring workplace health and preventing their release into the outside air. Our products are fitted with custom manufactured filters specific to treating the harmful gases and particles created during your specific application.  The Fumex Team and our experienced personnel will be your go to experts on all applications to help you pair the correct Fumex Fume Extractor to capture, treat and release clean air into your workplace environment.

Fumex is Made in the USA and we are proud to have the shortest lead times and the lowest overall cost of ownership of all competitors in this market sector.  We want to be your partner and are here when you need professional expertise and solutions.

Fumex Replacement Filters