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Laser Cut Steel

Universal Laser Systems Service Contract

Take a breath knowing that your machine is operating comfortably thanks to the new H2I Group Service Program.

Enjoy consistent attention to your cherished device from our mobile technicians at a price that works for you. Whether you are running multiple machines at 100% all year or just enjoy building cool stuff, we have an option that will keep your engraver running like a champ. 

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  • Replace all consumable belts and pulley's annually

  • Don't let your machine go down in the middle of a production run

  • Ideal for casual creatives and craftspeople who appreciate their ULS laser engraver


Tech Service Price List-07.png
  • Replace all consumable belts and pulley's biannually

  • Keep a close eye on all of your ULS laser's subsystems

  • More parts on hand

  • Ideal for people who depend on lasers to operate their business


Tech Service Price List-09.png
  • Replace all consumable belts and pulley's quarterly

  • 5% off select service parts

  • Address issues that come up during your inspection immediately

  • Ideal for industrial grade laser use.

We care about YOU


John Neal

Midwest Service Technician

Hello! I'm John, one of the lead service technicians for H2I Group. I love what I do. I enjoy helping people achieve and exceed their own goals and expectations.

This warranty is sort of like having a mechanic come to your house to change your oil and inspect your car. We can anticipate what needs to be done and want to give you the peace of mind that your machine is operating well. If we see something in our inspection that concerns us, we will bring it to your attention and discuss another appointment. We also come prepared with extra parts that could need replacement to avoid a second trip out and potentially kill two birds with one stone. Reach out via our contact form if you have any questions



Our technicians will remind you before your appointment and come prepared with the tools they will be replacing and anything else you might need


After purchase, we will reach out and schedule your appointments for the rest of the year. We look forward to getting to know how you use your ULS engraver.


Select your package and purchase your warranty here. If you need help choosing a package reach out through our general contact form.

When we say "Hassle Free" we mean it

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