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Service and Maintenance

Replacement Parts

H2I National Service Resources

Mobile Maintenance

Service Technicians like John can help you learn basic maintenance and are your resource for big fixes. Request a service quote below or find out who can get your equipment operational today. 

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John Neal

Service Technician

Training Customers with H2I Group for 11+ Years

John is the Lead Service Technician in the Midwest, he currently oversees 7 States. He is constantly on the road helping schools and labs keep their equipment operational.

Common Failures in 3D Printing


Printing Failure

  • Extruding parts too quickly

  • Not properly pre-heating the extrusion tip 

  • Filament Damage

  • Encoder Damage

  • Navigation Motor Failure

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Printing Bed Failure

  • Broken Bed Springs

  • Uneven printing bed

  • Poor tip calibration

  • Damaged Bed

  • Lack of adequate adhesive

  • +More


Filament Damage

  • Cracked Filament

  • Support material not stored properly

  • Incorrect spool replacement

  • Expired Filament

  • Stripped Filament

3D Printer Failure

This video by our Lead Service Technician, John Neal, will help you diagnose and solve common 3D Printing failures. Keep your devices, in tip top shape with these simple tricks. Click the link below to view more H2I Group videos

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